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Inside The 7 Prep Steps Course, Here Are A Few Things You'll Get...
  • 27 Video Modules and Workbook streamlined to teach you the best information in the industry and get you and your family prepared quickly.
  • Save months (if not years) of research time and energy.  What is your time worth?  The 7 Prep Steps is designed to save you over 500 hours of research time by leading you directly to correct information and real emergency preparedness principles. 
  • Learn how to create 72-hour kits for home, work, or cars. You'll get one of the most complete lists of 72-hour kit ideas and suggestions, so you can modify your kits to fit your particular needs or know how to better shop for a pre-made kit, getting or creating kits you absolutely love. 
  • Understand the 15 most common natural disasters and the 6 most common man-made disasters, and how to prepare for each one, so that you really do know you're prepared for everything. 
  • Learn how to maintain your standard of living through a long-term financial crises so during a crisis, you don't have to live like you're in a crisis. 
  • Skip all the marketing hype from companies trying to sell you their products and find out, for yourself, what types of supplies actually work and why. Save yourself the frustration from getting taken advantage of!
  • Understand why you should avoid most pouched food for long-term storage and know when it makes sense to use it. 
  • Save $1000s by avoiding the mistakes most people make without them knowing it, until it's too late.  Believe me, I've had families and groups in my live courses who learn these principles AFTER they just bought $1000's in food storage and other supplies, just to find out they did it all wrong. That's a lot of time AND money wasted!
  • The course follows a systematic process from start to finish.  One step builds simply on the next until you're completely prepared for whatever crisis situations you're most concerned about.  That makes it easy for you and takes out the guess work. 
  • Learn how companies can claim 25-Year Shelf Life on long-term food storage when they are NOT telling the truth.  Become a fully-educated shopper (this knowledge alone is worth 10 times the cost of this program!).
  • Direct, streamline, and informative, without the fluff. A famous writer once wrote, "sorry for the lengthy letter, if I had more time, it would have been shorter." This course is streamlined and simple so you get educated quickly and easily and stay motivated to finish what you started. 
  • Know when to use dehydrated vs. freeze-dried food in your long-term food storage. Both are good for different reason, and you should have both, but knowing when to use each will save you a lot of extra work.
  • Learn how to properly collect, filter, purify, and store water for long-term use and replenishment, and how often you should rotate your water, so you never have to go a day thirsty in a crisis.  
  • Really understand the 5 Food Killers and how to protect your stored food against them, the right way. Longer shelf lives means less money wasted. 
  • Especially when it comes to sudden, unexpected emergencies, learn step-by-step, the 10 emergency-preparation planning needs, to make sure you don't miss any crucial parts to your preparedness efforts.  
  • Learn which foods you should stock up on for your short-term food storage as well as your long-term food storage and learn ways to cut down mistakes and get the right quantities. 
  • Know the 6 rules for picking the right water storage containers, so that you don't have ruined water on the day you might need it most. 
  • Learn how to replenish your water and food supply year after year (off the grid), so that without modern conveniences, your family can still be eating healthily.
  • Easy to implement and follow, and even fun. You'll love the checklists, goals, and systematic approach.  You'll finally have enough confidence that you really can get yourself, your family, or your group prepared, this time. This course includes some of the best checklists and goal sheets in the industry.
  • This is an action-based video course and workbook that's filled with principles, action items, etc.  It's more than just good learning you'll get. This course will actually help you get things done!
  • By the end of the course you will know how to recognize and avoid some of the biggest marketing tricks and lies in the preparedness industry. That will help you save time, money, and even avoid possible pain, suffering and catastrophe. Nothing is as bad as thinking you're prepared, just to find out you aren't, at the moment you need it most.   
  • How to meet your other survival needs, and keep your family safe and comfortable (such as heat, protection, transportation, communication, etc.), especially in a long-term crisis where utilities are shut down indefinitely. 
  • The 7 Prep Steps course is a  "DoAble" approach to preparedness, any family can implement! Don't procrastinate!  Get going on it today!  You will love it!
  • Get ongoing trainings with the Prep Steps University Membership (normally $37/mo), ongoing support from the Private Membership Support Group (reg. $19/mo), and save $$$ with the Discounts and Group Buys Club (reg. $28/mo) for a HIGHLY reduced rate of ONLY $9.95/mo (reg. $84/mo total).
  • And...So MUCH MORE!!!
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The 7 Prep Steps! ...
"I've known Marcello for several years and he KNOWS what he's talking about when it comes to preparedness. I trust him and I'm excited that he's taken time to put his knowledge in one place so I can learn from him at my own pace. Thank YOU Marcello!!"
"As a father of 7 and business owner in the emergency market, the information in the 7 Prep Steps is much needed and overdue. This is helping me really learn more and protect my family and friends and customers at a higher, more prepared level. Thank you!"
"We love the Integrity, the Knowledge, and the Simplicity Found in The 7 Prep Steps - We Finally Know What to Do and We're Excited to Get Prepared!"
"Wow! I Love This Course! It's The First Time I Feel Confident Enough to REALLY Prepare!"
"Thank you again Marcello for helping my family get prepared. We always look forward to learning from you!"
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"WOW!" Great info. REALLY needed in the industry. 
"My husband and I have been doing emergency food storage for decades and our family has been into preparedness for generations. I'm writing you because I was surprised at how many new preparedness principles I learned from you. This information is so much needed. Thank you Marcello. - Erica C. (Carlsbad, CA) 
Marcello has a fantastic ability to teach powerfully!
"We like how Marcello teaches principles and practices simply, but powerfully. He has a way of taking complex principles and making them understandable and logical. And, he also really knows what he's talking about when it comes to emergency preparedness. His course is a life saver! ...Literally!!" - Mel & E. B.
We will return your money for the online course 100% if you aren't completely satisfied. 
Protect Your Family Against:
  • Economic Downturns
  •  Earthquakes
  •  Hurricanes/Typhoons/Cyclones
  •  Nuclear EMP Attacks
  •  Outbreaks/Epidemics/Pandemics
  •  Tornados 
  •  Water Supply Contaminations
  •  Food Chain Disruptions
  •  House Fires/Wild Fires
  •  Mass Electric Grid Disruptions
  •  Flooding
  •  Riots/Civil Unrest
  •  Droughts
  •  Heat Waves/Cold Waves/Winter Storms
  •  Thunderstorms/Lightning Storms
  •  Tsunamis
  •  Volcanoes
  •  Chemical Hazards/Air Poisoning
  •  Internet/Cyber Attacks
  •  Solar Storms
  •  Debris Flows
  •  ...And Much More

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