Stop Feeling Vulnerable About An Uncertain Tomorrow! 

Gain Peace and Security Today with The 7 Proven Steps to REAL Emergency Preparedness. 

  • Why most emergency foods won't save you in an emergency, and how you can prepare the right way. 
  • Learn what types of emergency water will help your family stay healthy and safe in an emergency situation. 
  • Understand the fallacy of 72-hour emergency preparedness kits and what real preparedness looks like.  

Marcello's Clients Include...

Marcello Surjopolos is a Pioneer in Emergency Preparedness research and implementation.  He has worked with the U.S. Special Forces, Large Retailers, Corporations, Celebrities, Churches, Hospitals, as well as individual Families to prepare for emergencies the right way, the first time.  

Marcello's background as a consultant, a manufacturer, and an owner of several emergency preparedness companies has given him a unique view into what products, services, and practices will actually work in an emergency situation and which ones will cost you $1000s in mistakes and maybe even the lives of your loved ones in the wake of an actual emergency situation.  

In a world filled with self-serving YouTube, social media, and marketing designed to steer you one way or the other, it's refreshing to have an emergency preparedness expert like Marcello break through all the confusing (even contradictory) clutter, save you years of research, and help you avoid a myriad of needless (but very common) emergency preparedness mistakes.

Here Is What Some of Marcello's Clients Say...

Within the preparedness community, most of my time was wasted researching topics with little guidance until I found Marcello. He is a Sherpa in the preparedness industry and has saved me the costly mistakes of choosing the wrong suppliers and helped me know how to prepare the right way for any disaster event. Working with Marcello is the best decision we’ve ever made to protect our family. 

Michelle N.

7PrepSteps Graduate

Redfora is the creator of The Earthquake Bag, the best-selling emergency kit on the market, and is one of the fastest growing emergency preparedness companies. Marcello has helped us understand the science behind what works and what doesn't, and has opened up some great connections we wouldn't have had otherwise. Marcello knows the industry extremely well. Thank you again Marcello! 

Skyler Hallgren

Co-Owner - Redfora

What has impressed me the most about Marcello is his knowledge, his connections, and also his integrity.  He digs deep so he can provide great solutions to his clients. That's probably the reason why many of us keep coming back to Marcello over and over. He is the best of the best and has helped myself (as a preparedness professional and a mother) and has helped my family so much.  I love working with Marcello!

Krista K. 

Preparedness Coach

Al Cabacungan

CEO/Founder - Be Ready Inc.

As the owner of one of the oldest emergency preparedness companies nationwide, I personally want to thank Marcello for teaching me principles that have helped me with my business, my clients, and my family of 7 children.  Marcello understands the right preparedness principles and practices better than anyone else I've worked with in the industry.

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